Be a good neighor and be aware of the safety and security of your street


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It is that time of the year Brook Forest neighbors…. remember boats, trailers, travel trailers, or jet skiis etc of any kind shall not be semi permanently or permanently stored in public view (I.e. street, driveway, side yard). Such items must be screened from public view, either within the garage or behind a fence which encloses the rear of the lot.  We do understand that your boat will be in the driveway when you are getting ready to take it out over the weekend or on vacation.

Please notify Community Management Solutions if you plan to have the above in view for longer than 48 hours!



Lawn Care.  Lawn and garden maintenance is “not” an option in our community.  While the majority of homeowners appear to take a great deal of pride in the yards/gardens, unfortunately, we have quite a few homeowners who believe that cutting their grass once or twice a month, weeding their gardens and edging along their sidewalks, driveways, and curbside is a yearly option. Avoid a deed restriction letter and make sure your lawn is in tip top shape! We should all take great pride in our community!




Houston City Council Passes FY 2016-2020 Capital Improvement Plan
Hurricane Newsletter Emergency Procedures


Be a good neighbor and be aware of the safety and security of your neighborhood street.

Do You Need Sidewalk Repair?  

The City of Houston’s Department of Public Works and Engineering can help.

Homeowners are still responsible for paying for sidewalk repair, but the city of Houston has interested a program to help lower the costs and remove logistical barriers by removing the permit fees and negotiating fixed prices with sidewalk repair contractors.


Residents complete an application in the Privately Funding Sidewalk Program. A city employee will visit your site to perform a feasibility and cost evaluation. The homeowner will be quoted a negotiated price for review and approval. If accepted, the homeowner will submit payment to the City who then oversees the work done by an approved sidewalk repair contractor.  City staff will follow up and inspect the sidewalk upon project completion.


More information and online application is available at:

JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER: I am looking for block captains...  Please get in touch with me  ... 

Greg Piegari






 Trash Collection

  Please do not make your neighbors look at your trash for a week or over the weekend.  This includes grass clippings from your personal home landscapers. Respect the appearance of our neighborhood and value of our property by placing trash for pickup curbside the morning of pickup. Brook Forest residents receive garbage pickup two days each week on Monday and Thursday. Monday is the one day each week for recycle waste pickup.  If items are not picked-up, store them out of site until the correct pickup day.

“HEAVY PICK UP” AKA HEAVY TRASH: COLLECTED ON THURSDAY. Heavier/larger items are collected once a week. These items consist of appliances, furniture, mattresses, water heaters (with water removed), computers, televisions within reasonable size but not projection televisions. For more information, please visit

Memorial Day 5/25 Regular Pick-up.. July 6 Regular Pick-up.  Labor Day Sept 5 No Service. Thanksgiving 11/24 No Service.   Christmas Dec 25 No Service.  New Years Day 1/1 No Service.

Houston Police Department  & Harris County Constable ** ALERT SLIPS **

 Citizens can use this form to request increased patrols around their home or business for a prowler, speeding vehicle, excessive burglaries and thefts, being on vacation, or for reasons causing them concern.  For HPD, please click here.  Click on the top tab that reads Contact HPD and then click on the first link Alert Slip.  You can also see crime stats in the area, registered sex offenders and some other useful information.  For the Harris County Constable, please click here.

Sheriff Dept. Home Inspections 

Home security inspections for a reduction of your insurance premiums are available from the Sheriff Dept.  History has shown that once the following requirements are met, your home will be much safer for you and for your family.  The following is the information about the requirements to qualify for the reduction in your premiums. HOWEVER, THEY MAKE GOOD SENSE IF YOU JUST IMPLEMENT A FEW.  [more info]


Neighborhood Crime Watch
Very few people are in a position to protect their homes and property 100% of the time. Neighborhood Crime Watch is a program of mutual assistance ... [read more]


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